Vermicular is so easy to use! Let’s master the heat setting that will improve natural flavors!

  • Roast chicken
  • Japanese waterless curry
  • rice

When waterless cooking, low heat is recommended as the basic heat setting.

When cooking without water, low heat will pull out vegetables’ natural flavor without burning them.
Alright, low heat is supposed to be the best heat setting for improving vegetables’ natural flavor. But concretely, how strong should be the flame intensity?


  • Steam slowly and vertically escapes.
    It is the basic setting for waterless cooking.

  • Steam vigorously pours out.
    Heat setting is too strong, and food is going to burn.
  • No steam at all. Cooking will take more time,
    and vegetables will lose sweetness.
Let‘s master the heat setting that will improve natural flavors!
OK, so I just have to boil water the first time to get use to the right heat adjustment, and remember it for the next time! That’s it!
Depending on your heat source, heat adjustment may slightly differ.

For your reference… (We however recommend you to try the above experience to get familiar with the most appropriate heat setting)

Use medium heat for different, funny and tasty cooking!

When heat is set on medium, gas flames should be confined to half of the pot’s base area.
Medium heat is only recommended when lightly browning, frying, boiling hot water, preheating,
or quickly giving a final touch.(High heat should never be used!)

Browning ingredients
STEP 1 Preheat your covered Vermicular over medium heat for 3 minutes.
STEP 2 Add oil evenly.
STEP 3 Press with tongs and sear until sizzling stops.

Preheating 2 or 3 minutes on medium heat
Whatever you are cooking, preheating your pot over medium heat for 2 to 3 minutes shortens the entire process.
For better results, we also recommend preheating your pot if it is cold. (Preheating less than 5 minutes on medium heat is safe).


Enamel is delicate
Enamel is made from glass components. Please avoid strong shocks and do not use metal kitchen tools as it may damage the enamel surface.
Use soft tools made of silicone, heat-resistant plastic, or wood.

Avoid thermal shock
High heat, thermal shock, heating of an empty pot, cold water poured in a warm pot, etc. may damage the enamel and make it less resistant to burns.
(If you heated an empty pot too long, never pour water inside but wait until it cools down by itself.)

Use mitts
Metallic knob and handles become hot during cooking. Always use oven mitts to handle your Vermicular.

Pinholes, bumps, cavities and uneven color sometimes happen.
Vermicular kitchenware is handmade piece by piece. Pinholes, bumps, caivities or uneven color can happen but have no effect on the quality.
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