About the characteristics of Vermicular

Where is Vermicular brand name coming from?

Vermicular originates from a specific element used in casting, called Compacted Vermicular Cast Iron. With its hybrid characteristics of heat conduction and robustness, compacted vermicular cast iron is also known in the industry as a component difficult to manipulate. However our firm was able to improve enameling process by developing its own alloy made from compacted vermicular cast iron. Our compacted vermicular cast iron differs from usual standards but since it is a key to our high quality cookware, we decided to name our product line after it—Vermicular!

What are the features of an enameled cast iron pot?

Our Enameled cast iron cookware is composed of an alloy of iron and carbon coated with enamel made from glass components.
1. Most heat sources are suitable such as gas or induction.
2. It has excellent heat retention, and keeps food warm for a long time.
3. With its remarkable characteristics of heat conduction, heat is evenly distributed.
4. Its powerful radiant heat preserves the food’s structure by mildly heating it from inside; food is slowly cooked from its core and flavors pulled out.
5. Made from inert glass components, our enamel contains no toxic substances and does not dissolve with food even when marinating with acidic ingredients.
6. Our original and attractive colors are a sure-fire way to impress guests when served at the dining table

But above all, extremely airtight properties are Vermicular’s trademark.
They allow ultimate waterless cooking for improved flavors and nutrients optimal retention!

What kind of cooking is the most appropriate to Vermicular?

Soup, casserole, boiling, stewing, sautéing, frying, steaming, rice cooking… and a lot of other pleasant ways to cook!
Since waterless cooking is also possible, that makes a wide repertory!

Is waterless cooking possible?

Yes it is. However we recommend using vegetables with sufficient moisture present in them. For more details, please check our recipes.

I’ve heard enamel contains cadmium, a harmful element… is Vermicular cadmium free?

Yes, Vermicular is totally cadmium free.
Since our position is to respect environment and public health,
we do not manufacture “red, orange or yellow” enameled products, because they contain cadmium.

About instructions for use

Very low heat, medium heat, etc. What’s the difference?

Medium heat: gas flames should be confined to half of the pot’s base area.

This corresponds to level 5 for an 8-position induction heater.
Low heat: gas flames should almost reach the pot’s base.
Please make sure the flames do not actually touch the base.
This corresponds to level 3 for an 8-position induction heater.
Very low heat: gas flames should be weak and very short.
This corresponds to level 2 for an 8-position induction heater.
※Depending on your heat source, heat settings slightly differ.

Vermicular suitable for oven?

Yes it is, up to 300℃ (570 °F). However we do not recommend high heats for a frequent use as it may weaken enamel on a long term basis.

Do the knob and handles become hot during Cooking?

Yes they do. When cooking, the whole pot including knob and handles will become hot. Always use mitts or holders.

Is it possible to grill with Vermicular?

It is possible to grill, however high heat is not necessary.
Cast iron conducts heat so efficiently that low to medium heat is sufficient to sear food.

Is it possible to make fritters with Vermicular?

Yes it is. First, warm oil on medium heat. When oil starts to simmer, reduce to low heat.

Take care the oil does not boil for too long as it may damage the enamel.

We also recommend not to using the “fritter heating option” available on some heat sources,

since it is usually too hot for enameled cookware.

Is Vermicular suitable for induction heater?

Yes it is. Most heat sources are suitable such as, gas, induction, halogen heater, oven (up to 300 °C/570 °F), among others.
However DO NOT USE microwave ovens.

Is Vermicular suitable for camping?

Direct contact with charcoal may damage the enamel coating. Please avoid outdoor use.

What kind of kitchen tools is recommended to use with Vermicular?

Do not use metal kitchen tools as they may damage the enamel surface.

Instead, use soft tools made of silicone, heat-resistant plastic, or wood.

About cleaning and care

How do I care about the enamel surface?

Do not use metal kitchen tools, do not use high heat and avoid thermal shock.

Use kitchen detergent and a soft sponge to clean your pot.

How do I clean my Vermicular?

Use kitchen detergent and a soft sponge to clean your pot.

I can’t remove brown marks; what should I do?

For stuck-on food that is hard to remove—fill your pot with sufficient water to cover those spots, add 2 or 3 tablespoons of bicarbonate,

and boil for 10 minutes over medium heat. Let it cool; residues should dissolve so that you can wipe them off with a smooth sponge. Repeat if necessary, but never scrub hard and use abrasive cleansers or cleaning pads.

How do I remove stains?

When the enamel is stained, spray bleach (foam type is recommended) on the colored parts.

Wait 10 to 20 minutes before rinsing. This should leave the pot clean and sparkling.

Is Vermicular dishwasher/dryer-safe?

If you respect the following remarks, Vermicular is dishwasher-safe:

1.Wash your pot alone to avoid other kitchenware to damage it.
2.Do not use detergent containing polish or bleach.

However, since the vitreous surface of enamel is easy to clean, we recommend washing by hand with a smooth sponge and kitchen detergent.

After washing, can I heat my pot on the stove to dry it?

Basically, an empty pot should never be heated as it may damage the enamel surface.

Moreover, the temperature difference between a full pot and an empty pot is huge that you might hurt yourself.

A small piece of enamel chipped away…

Small enamel chips on the outside of the pot have no consequences for health or taste. For bigger chips outside or inside the pot, we recommend that you contact our Customer Service Department.

What should I take care of when I store my pot away?

Dry your pot as soon as you wash it. To keep the black rims from rusting, we recommend applying a thin layer of vegetable oil and to store your pot in a well-ventilated place.

To avoid dropping your pot, we recommend storing it on a low shelf.

Very thin cracks appeared on the interior enamel surface. Is it alright?

High heat, thermal shock, heating of an empty pot, etc. may cause micro cracks on the enamel surface.
In such case, you still can use your pot, however you should take care as micro cracks may lead to enamel chips.

About rust

The black rims rusted. Is it harmful for health?

Iron rust has no harmful effects on health.

How to prevent rims from rusting?

To keep this area from rusting, dry your pot immediately after washing.
We also recommend applying a thin layer of vegetable oil, especially during the first several uses and also when you keep food in the pot for several hours.
If you are not going to use the pot for a long period, we recommend putting a paper towel between the pot and its lid and to store it in a well-ventilated place.

How to remove the rust from the rims?

Rust can be easily cleaned with a smooth sponge.
* If the rust is hard to remove, you can also use a kitchen anti-corrosive solution (cream type).

About after sales service

Is Vermicular cookware guaranteed?

Yes it is. Vermicular cookware guarantee covers defects in manufacturing.
However, it does not cover damages caused by unconventional use. Contact us for more information.

I’ve found a defect on your product. Where to enquire?

For such inquiries, please contact our Customer Service Department.