Concierge Recipes

Oyster stew with miso

By cooking in the Vermicular pot without water, oysters never shrink and remain fresh.

・For 4 persons / 22 cm (3.7 QT.) pot
Oyster… 300g/10.6oz
Chinese cabbage… about 5 leaves of 1/4 cabbage, cut into bite-size slivers
Spring onions (cut diagonally)… 2
Enoki mushrooms (hard bottom cut off and divided into small pieces)… 1 bunch
Shiitake mushrooms (hard bottom cut off)… 4
Garland chrysanthemum (glebionis coronaria), cut into 4 chunks… 1 bunch

Red miso paste (if not, adding more combined miso [mix of red and white miso] will be fine)… 50g/1.8oz
Combined miso paste… 35g/1.2oz
Ground sesame seeds… 3Tbsp
Sugar… 1/2tsp
Mirin (sweet rice wine)… 1.5Tbsp
Sake… 1Tbsp
Squeezed ginger juice… 1Tbsp

1. Wash the oysters with salt water. Pat them dry with kitchen paper.
2. Mix A well.
3. Put Chinese cabbage, spring onion, enoki and shiitake, pour A in between the ingredients and evenly place the oysters on the top. Cover and cook on low heat for 30 minutes.
4. Stop the heat, add the chrysanthemum, cover and cook on residual heat for 2 minutes.

Evenly placing the oysters enables them to cook equally.


Soufflé au chocolat

An exquisite and aromatic fluffy chocolate soufflé to be served hot from the oven!

14cm (0.9qt) pot

- Custard Cream
Chocolate (finely chopped)… 100g/3.5oz
Milk… 100ml/3.4fl oz
Egg yolk… 3
Sugar… 20g/0.7oz
Weak flour (sieved)… 7g/0.25oz

- Meringue
Egg white… 3
Sugar… 40g/1.4oz

1. Thinly coat the inside of the Vermicular pot with butter (not included in the ingredients) and dust evenly with sugar.
2. Let’s make the custard cream. Use a saucepan to simmer the milk at low heat until bubbles start breaking the surface around the edge of the pan.
3. In a bowl, whisk the egg yolks with the sugar until pale, then add the weak flour and keep whisking.
4. Stir the hot milk (step 2) little by little into the egg and flour mixture and mix well. Return to the saucepan and cook over low heat while stirring with a rubber spatula so that it doesn’t clump. If you continue to cook it further after it thickens, the custard cream will lose its consistency and suddenly soften. Thus, make sure to pour onto the chocolate at this timing. When the chocolate has melted down, mix thoroughly.
5. Let’s make the meringue. Add the sugar into the egg whites three times separately and whip with a blender until they form stiff peaks.
6. Thoroughly stir about 1/3 of the meringue into the chocolate custard.
7. Add the remaining meringue to the chocolate mixture, folding gently, and pour into the dusted Vermicular from step 1. Run your thumb around the edge of the pot, to ensure the soufflé rises above the rim, and bake in an oven preheated to 200°C/390℉ for 20 minutes until puffed. Serve hot!


Chicken thigh roll

Cooked in the Vermicular, the chicken meat just turns so moist!

・For 4 persons / 22 cm (3.7 QT.) pot
Chicken thigh… 2 (600g/21oz)

Salt… 1/3 tsp
Sake… 1Tbsp

Burdock (cut into 15cm/6in stick, then quartered lengthwise)… a thick 1/2
Japanese red carrot (cut into 15cm/6in stick, then quartered lengthwise)… 1

Soy sauce… 3Tbsp
Sake… 3Tbsp
Mirin… 3Tbsp
Light brown sugar… 1Tbsp

1. Soak the cut burdock into water for about 10 minutes and pat dry to remove any moisture.
2. Prick the chicken thighs on both sides with a fork, flip the skin-side down and cut them horizontally almost all the way through and then open like a book. Place vertically and cut a slit every 1cm (0.4in) all way long. Seasoned with the “A” ingredients.
3. Put 2 tbsp of water in the pot and spread a baking sheet. Put the burdocks and red carrots, cover and cook over low heat for 15 minutes; make sure the carrots are cooked enough by thrusting a toothpick, then transfer to a plate.
4. Place the chicken meat skin-side down, lay the burdocks, carrots and beans evenly and firmly tie with kitchen twine.
5. Preheat your Vermicular on medium heat for 3 minutes, and stir-fry the chicken rolls on all sides until brown. Reduce to low heat, add the “B” seasonings and coat the rolls. Cover and cook for 15 minutes.
6. Stop the heat, turn the meat upside down, cover and let cool down.
7. Discard the kitchen twine and cut to your desired thickness before serving.

If served cold, let the roll slices soak into the juice beforehand.


Boiled edamame beans

・For 4 persons / 22 cm (3.7 QT.) pot
Edamame (immature soybeans), washed… 700g
A little salt

1. Put 2 tbsp of water and place baking sheet on the top. Place the bunch of edamame beans and season with salt. Cover and cook on low heat for 25 minutes.


Tomato and Chicken Soup

A healthy soup cooked from the tomatoes’ moisture only.

・For 4 persons / 22 cm (3.7 QT.) pot
Tomato… about 10 (enough to fill the pot)
Chicken breast (diced into bite-size chunks)… 2
Garlic (crushed)… 2 cloves
Onion (sliced)… 1
Celery (reserve the leaves and slice)… 1
Chili powder… 1tsp
Salt… 1tsp
Pepper… at your convenience
Olive oil… 1Tbsp
Bay leaf… 1

1. Heat the olive oil and garlic into the Vermicular pot over a low flame. When the garlic is fragrant, add the onion, celery, salt and stir-fry while crushing the garlic, until the vegetables are soften.
2. Fill the pot with the tomatoes which you previously took off the stems. Top with the chicken meat. Sprinkle with chili powder, add the celery leaves and the bay leaf, cover and cook over at low heat for 30 minutes.
3. When plenty of moisture is exuded, discard the celery leaves, and mix while crushing the tomatoes. Cover again and cook a further 60 minutes, still at low heat. (uncover twice during the cooking to crush the tomatoes)
4. Season with salt and pepper before serving.

You can serve with a little olive oil.
Let stand one night for the taste to deepen.