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"My son enjoyed broccoli..." "I'm not using much seasoning anymore." "I'm eating out less often." "I'm enjoying sharing my meals."
Vermicular is performing so well it will change your way of life.


Vermicular's main characteristic is its extremely airtight properties that make "waterless cooking" possible. Because vegetables'moisture and flavors are sealed-in, just a few seasonings will perfect the taste. You only have to cover and cook. It's actually so simple!

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Easy Vermicular
easy cooking with Vermicular



With just one Vermicular, waterless cooking, roasting, boiling, steaming, etc are possible.
Waterless stew, exquisite thick meat roast, perfectly cooked rice, or even sweets and ice cream... Although Vermicular makes it simple, your cooking will be so much praised you'll can't stop cooking more and more!

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Chef Interview
Yasuhiro Higa



Cooking vegetables means losing their nutrients. Compared to any other way of cooking, loss of vitamins is not significant with Vermicular waterless cooking.

Cooking expert Interviewの動画サムネイル

Cooking expert Interview
Tamiko Kuroda
  • じゃがいもの「ビタミンC」の変化 [日本食品分析センター調べ]

    With Vermicular waterless cooking, loss of vitamin C is about half lesser as compared to other way of cooking; nutrients retention is high. Boiling a potato can cause much of the potato's vitamin C to migrate to the water. However, potato is comparatively said to retain most of its vitamin C during cooking.

  • にんじんの「βカロテン」の変化 [日本食品分析センター調べ]

    B carotene is said to have high antioxidant properties preventing from aging. Cooked without water in the Vermicular, carrots will lose almost no carotene. ※After absorption by the body, β carotene turns to vitamin A.

  • ブロッコリーの「糖度」の変化 [日本食品分析センター調べ]

    It’s raw that broccoli is the sweetest. But it’s more likely to be cooked. Compared to other way of cooking, the broccoli will mostly keep its sugar content if cooked without water in the Vermicular. Sugar content may vary with origin, harvest time, environment, weather, cultivation methods, etc.

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