Characteristics of Vermicular

Ultimate waterless cooking made possible by TRIPLE THERMO™ TECHNOLOGY

Depending on the cooking method, taste totally differs. Made of “enameled cast iron”, a fantastic material, Vermicular is designed to “evenly heat the food” and make possible “ultimate waterless cooking” for improving food’s natural flavor to its best.

1.Beveled airtight structure

The lid and pot’s fitting rims are “30 degrees cone-shaped with extreme precision”
to increase contact zone. The airtight property is crucial to seal in natural moisture
and flavors that steam from the food, making possible sophisticated waterless cooking.

2.Streamlined design

The lid is smoothly designed to efficiently conduct the flavorful steam whole around the pot.

3.Ridged bottom

The pot bottom is designed with ridges to reduce contact with food and make the heat dispersion very even.

4. A3mm thick cast iron

Main material of the Dutch oven appreciated for its “magical” properties during the conquest of the American west, cast iron is reputed for its highest performance of heat conduction and heat retention.

5. Triple enamel coated interior & exterior

There is no precedent in the industry for such a durable interior enamel coating, developed with recent technologies.


The exterior pearl effect enamel makes the pot look like a beautiful jewel!

*Competitors:3.5g/cm2 ⇒ Vermicular:1.8g/cm2(the smaller is the value, the stronger is the coating) (Tested by R&D Department of Aichi Dobby: enamel resistance test to citric acid