Why choose Vermicular

Made in Japan. Because sense of “Hospitality” can spare no effort.

Just 3mm (0.12in) thick cast iron pot is machined with extreme accuracy and enameled thrice at 800℃ (1500℉). Preserving its specific properties along the whole process is no easy task, but our experienced and conscientious craftsmen, motivated to produce highest quality, reached a precision unmatched so far.

It all starts with the casting process, when iron compounded with different metals is melted at 1500℃ (2700℉) and poured into special sand molds. Molds are destroyed to free the pots, which are carefully, individually hand polished.

Vermicular cast iron really contrasts with conventional manufactured products; a thorough examination of components is necessary and depending on iron’s temperature or pouring speed, result can be very different from expectations.

After treatment of the pot surface, body and lid are machined to fit perfectly. Following a meticulous process, and using their long-honed skills and instinct, craftsmen perform the fiddly task of measuring and grinding, measuring again, and then again grinding the pot and lid’s rims to a 0.01 mm accuracy!

Machining with such accuracy the 3 mm thick Vermicular pot is a fiddly task, especially because we first make adjustments by touching and lightly hitting the Vermicular to listen to its sound and feel how it vibrates.

At the end of the production comes the enameling process, handled by a few expert craftsmen. The whole process of spraying a vitreous glaze, drying it, removing the runnings on the rim, and eventually firing it at 800 °C (1500 °F), must be done thrice (3 layers) before the Vermicular is finished.

Obtaining a uniform layer is not an easy task, and depending on the room’s temperature and humidity, the spraying must be precisely adapted.