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  • 26cm,26cm SUKIYAKI
  • 究極の無水調理を実現する Triple ThermoTM Technology
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Vermicular products are made to bring out food's original flavor, and make home cooking simple and merry.
They are handmade piece by piece by conscientious craftsmen dedicated to creating highest quality, safe products.

  • Oven Pot Round image
    Oven Pot Round
    "The World’s No.1 flavor-improving pot" The Made in Japan enameled cast-iron pot
    featuring ultimate waterless cooking properties to bring out food's flavor.
  • Rice Pot image
    Rice Pot
    (Japanese version only)
  • Kitchen Items image
    Kitchen Items
    Kitchen items carefully made from
    natural and organic materials.
  • Food image
    Kitchen Items
    (Japanese version only)
  • Books image
    Recipe books to enjoy Vermicular.


Because Vermicular is concerned with functionality, using it will change your life.
With innovative technology and lifetime aftercare, we will support your daily home cooking.


Recipes ; more information to get full enjoyment from your Vermicular.


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Need counseling to chose a product? some cooking tips? some advice about maintenance?
Feel free to contact us! Our support team is standing by. Details >

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